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350% First Deposit Bonus

Make your first deposit at Bingo Plex of £10 or more and we will give you a 350% First Deposit Bonus as extra playing money and welcome to the site.

75% Reload Bonus

For all future deposits over £10 you will receive a 75% Reload Bonus on every deposit you make.

Day Bonus
Every Day 75% Bonus

  • Bingo Bonus Bucks (BBBs) are bonus credits given either on deposits or through special games. They are playable but not redeemable.

  • Playable BBBs can only be used to play the bingo games. All side games can be played with real cash only and not BBBs.

  • First are played cash credits, then BBBs.

  • Deposit BBBs apply to deposits of £10 and above.

  • BBBs given on deposits are always playable.

  • The cash and BBBs part of the credits can be seen at any time by moving the mouse pointer over the credits amount.

  • A maximum of 150% of BBBs on deposits can be credited to an account at any one time. All BBBs over this amount go in Bonus Bank. They are released accordingly with further deposits.
    For example: a player deposits £20. The received BBBs are £15. If we imagine that from chat games £20 BBBs are won, then £30 of them will go to player credits and the remaining £5 will go to Bonus Bank. If then the player deposits at least £5 the remaining £5 in Bonus Bank will be released.

  • Upon cash out (min $50/€30/£30), ALL BBBs are withdrawn regardless of amount and regardless of method acquired.

  • The free bingo games always pay BBBs. They will stay in Bonus Bank until the account is funded with real cash.

  • The BBBs bets contribution in the prize and jackpot of the next game is less than the cash bets. This means the more players using cash to play - the bigger the prize and jackpot increase will be.

  • Only accounts funded with real cash can make a withdrawal request.

  • Accounts that have not been funded cannot request a withdrawal on any winnings won prior to the account being funded. If funding takes place after a win, the initial win amount won prior to funding must be wagered 15x before any withdrawal can take place. In cases where an account has been funded prior to a win there are NO wagering requirements.

  • Players must be participating in the current bingo game to receive BB's.

  • Players are sometimes given free cash bonuses in order to improve their online bingo experience. Players that try to manipulate the system in order to take advantage of these bonuses will have all their bonuses removed and their accounts disabled.

  • Players that set up multiple accounts at sites that form part of the Bingo Entertainment Network in order to take advantage of the First Deposit Bonus and Birthday Bonus will have their bonuses removed, their accounts disabled and run the risk of having their winnings removed.


  • All bonuses are listed in GBP.

  • Deposits made in all other currencies will use current exchange rates.

  • Accounts with a higher payout that deposit ratio will also be investigated for bonus abuse, defined as the inappropriate use of any bonuses to defraud the bingo site.

    We reserve the right to take whatever action we deem necessary in order to prevent such abuse.


  • Requesting a Withdrawal:
  • An account must have been funded with real cash within the 30 days prior to a withdrawal request being received and the associated funds used to purchase bingo cards or wager in side games.

  • Withholding:
  • Bingo Plex reserves the right to withhold any cash out amounts over £3,000 (or the equivalent amount in EURO or USD currency) for security reasons. Once all the required ID documents are received such as copies of credit cards, utility bills or driver's license the withdrawal will be processed.
    Bingo Plex also reserves the right to request additional documentation for withdrawals of less than £3,000 (or the equivalent amount in EURO or USD currency).

  • Maximum Withdrawal:
  • There is no limit to the amount a Bingo Plex player can cash out but there is a maximum amount that can be withdrawn. That is £2,000 (or the equivalent amount in EURO or GBP currency) per month. If a withdrawal is above £2,000 (or the equivalent amount in EURO or GBP currency) the remaining balance will be placed back to the players account to be withdrawn the following month.

  • Wire Transfer Fees
  • For withdrawal amounts below £250 (or the equivalent amount in USD, AUD, CAD or EURO currency), the bank wire transfer charges are borne by the recipient.

  • Wagering Requirements:
  • Bingo Plex has no wagering requirements which means players can request a cash out of any winnings as soon as they win.
    For example: a players deposits £10. They receive their 350% deposit bonus if it's their first deposit. They have £45 to play with. While playing Bingo or any side game they win £300. They are able to cash out their winnings without having to play/wager a certain amount of games/money.

  • Player Accounts that have not been funded for 30 days or more are classed as Inactive and will need to complete our wagering requirements (15x) before any requested withdrawal will be processed.


Now you can exchange your Bonus Bank dollars into gifts or playable bonuses!

The way it works is that you can exchange your bonuses on the 15th of each month for gifts or playable bonuses as follows:

£30 in Bonus Bank = a mug or a mouse pad
£300 in Bonus Bank = a £12 playable bonus
£600 in Bonus Bank = a £24 playable bonus
£900 in Bonus Bank = a £36 playable bonus
£1200 in Bonus Bank = a £48 playable bonus

Exchanges can be done only once per month.
For example if you have £1,800 in your bonus bank, the maximum amount that can be exchanged in one month is £1,200 and the remaining £600 can be exchanged the following month.

Make sure your exchange requests are sent on the 15th of each month to and your gift will be sent by mail or your playable bonus will be credited to your account as soon as possible.

Exchanges are done once per month on the 15th. If the 15th falls on a weekend, please allow until the following week for your exchange to be processed.

200% First Deposit Bonus

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Deposit Bonuses
With a first deposit at Bingo Plex of £10 or more, you will get a 350% Deposit Bonus as extra playing money!!

All other deposits receive:

75% Reload Bonus

Remember, there's a minimum deposit
of £10 to receive any bonus!!
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Referral Bonuses
Invite your friends to play Bingo with you at Bingo Plex, and earn 50% of their first deposit of £10 or more!

Ask your friends to add your nickname in the referral box when they sign up.

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